How to Play VETO

Veto is for 2-4 players. If you have more players, add another deck to deal out more fun!

The Deal – Shuffle the deck and distribute the cards in any number of piles to form draw piles. Each player selects cards from any pile to create Ground piles. The number of Ground piles, ranging from 1-4, may be decided at the beginning of the game. These piles shall remain face down and must have 4 cards in each. Each player then selects 4 cards to create their hand, which a player will look at and play from first. Combine remaining undrawn cards into one pile, face down, and form the draw pile.

Game play – To decide what player starts the game, each player turns over a top card from one of their Ground piles. In case of a tie for the highest value, turn over the top card of another Ground pile until the highest card is revealed. The player that turned the highest valued card will start by discarding any card from their hand (not from the Ground piles) to create a discard pile. Do not draw a card from the draw pile. Ground piles cannot be played from until a player’s hand cards have all been played. Play will continue clockwise. The next player must play a card equal to/higher than the last played card, or a wild card, following the instructions on any action cards. If the player does not have a valid card to play, they must pick up the entire discard pile and add the cards to their hand. If a player matches the last played card, the previous player must draw 3 cards from the draw pile, unless they can play a VETO card to stop the pick-up. Once a player has played all the cards from their hand, they may begin to play from the Ground piles. When the top card of a Ground pile is played, do not turn over the next card. These cards remain face down and are played blind. If the card is played and is not a valid play, the player must pick up the discard pile to create hand cards.

Winning – A game may end when either one player is the first to play all their cards or until there is only one loser - the last player with cards remaining. 


Important rules: