What Makes Snakes and Hawks Unique?

Snakes and Hawks is a custom 60 card trick taking game.  In all trick taking games the highest card wins the trick.  A trick is defined by who plays the highest valued card of the leading suit. There is no "trump" suit in Snakes and Hawks. The rules, scoring and strategies in all card games are different. This is what makes each one unique and fun to play. Although you may draw some similarities to other games, no other card game will have the same combinations as Snakes and Hawks such as sitting position of the teammate, partners changing during the game, winning the game in multiple ways.  These are just a few examples and more are shown in the chart below. Of course it's impossible to know every card game in the world. We will take a look at some of the more popular trick taking card games: Spades, Euchre, Whist, Hearts, Bridge and Snakes and Hawks.  If you have ever played 2 or more of these games, you will understand that even though they might star some of the same boxes, the games are very unique and bring a different level of fun and strategy.  Snakes and Hawks is a patented game so it is definitely a one of a kind card game. If you enjoy trick taking card games, you will love Snakes and Hawks